Velox, an Energetic Company provides agricultural technology, education, equipments and services, customized to fit the West African Region which has special tropical conditions. Our exceptionally knowledgeable team makes a unique source for invaluable information and know-how and effective mentoring.

Yoav Hochberg, the general manager of  our company is highly experienced & specialized in the West African Agricultural Industry. Yoav is experienced in setting up and developing agriculture operations.He gives focused attention to mentoring, training and developing local teams for technical after sale services and farmer’s agronomy support.
Mr. Yoav has great mentor skills and excellent interpersonal relations with customers and co-workers. He is creative, diligent, and loyal.

Velox’s services are designed to meet the needs of our agrarian entrepreneurs, from small scale farmers to large scale operations, seeking to optimize an agricultural solution with professional guidance.

We provide all the components necessary for a successful turnkey project:

♦  Feasibility studies, Designing and engineering, agronomic and economic plans.
♦  Custom-made solutions, designed specifically for the clients.
♦  Delivery, assembly and training on-site
♦  All supplementary equipment from top quality manufacturer and input as required.
♦  After sale service and agronomy support.
♦  Further agronomic counseling and support to ensure the full scale success of the clients

Velox Represents the Top Rank Worldwide Manufacturers from the Agricultural Industry

» NETAFIM:             The world leader Irrigation technology.

» TOP GREENHOUSE:           Providers of top Quality Greenhouse and Net-houses that is most fitting Tropical Conditions.

» MAGIC AGRO:    Best growing media: Coco-peat Bricks & Growbags.

» QASUM:               Beehives and Beekeeping equipment.

» GAT:                     High quality Soluble Fertilizers.

» POLYSACK:        Shade net, incest-proof net, Ground Covers and Greenhouse covers.