Beekeeping Kit

Honey use and production has a long and varied history in many cultures, honey has associations that go beyond its use as a food. Honey is frequently used as a talisman, symbol of sweetness and hilling.

Honey production has been identified as having the potential to provide employment and reduce poverty among rural households in Nigeria. Econometric analysis shows that quality of hives and quality equipment, have significant impact on honey output. Honey Bees activities has significant environmental effect on crop pollination and their yield, above the honey production.

Multi-Agric developed Beekeeping kit for a starter grower; the kits contain all the needs that can bring the farmer into his first harvest without any additional cost. Multi-Agric Supplying top quality kit that can last more than 20 years! the equipment come with training and manual operation book and agronomy support.
Multi-Agric kit designed with the overview that the farmer gets everything he needs (All is in) to get his first production, his first cash-flow without any need of any other support.
The beekeeping kit is an excellent woman and youth employment solution and householders at the rural area.
The potential production of 1 beehive is 25kg per annum, a kit contains 10 beehives: the annual potential production of a kit is 250kg honey value of 1750$ or N380, 000

The kit contains the following items: