Family Greenhouse Kits

Most of the vegetable’s farms in Nigeria, yielding a very low quantities and quality yield, using indigenous agronomic practices.

The greenhouse kit it is a tailor made kit that is designed to meet the special need of the Nigerian farmer, the Tropical condition weather: high humidity, high temperature, heavy rains, cloudiness and many soil diseases.
Farmers who get the family greenhouse kit, practice an environmentally friendly method of producing vegetables, especially tomatoes and this boosts  their income in a short period.

The Greenhouse kit recommends for climate zone with more than 800mm of rainfall.
The Net-House suitable for area that the rainfall is less than 800mm.

Why Use greenhouse / Net-House?

  • Plant grows rapidly the cash flow, after 4 months.
  • 6-8kg per plant, (10 times more than outdoor).
  • Harvesting all year round and not affect by rain or drought.
  • Nutrients are directly available to plants.
  • No soil decease and nematode on growing media.
  • Use of less pesticide.
  • Less labour is required because no digging or weeding is required.
  • Increased control over growing conditions provide the best possible environment for plants, leading to better quality produce and higher yields.
  • Plants are more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Fruit and veggies have improved flavor , size, texture and shelve life.
  • Water requirement is very minimal.
  • Fit backyard farming, excellent women and youth employment.

The “all-in” kit contains the following items:

  • A complete top ventilated greenhouse tunnel with door.
  • Complete covers: special nylon film for the roof and insect proof net on the sides.
  • Ground cover.
  • Coco-peat in Growing begs.
  • A complete drip irrigation system with overhead tank.
    Trilling system with twin ropes and clips.
  • Hybrid seeds with seed-trays for nursing.
  • Fertilizers and agrochemicals for the first season.
  • Knapsack sprayer with protecting spraying suit, mask & filter.
  • Practically designed Training capturing record keeping , traceability, irrigation, crop- husbandry, pest control, environment, health and safety.
  • Installation
  • Agro support and after sale services by Velox: agronomist will visit the farm every 3-4 weeks on the first season and will be available 24/7online for questions and consultancy.

The benefits:

  • A complete kit makes it easier for successful cultivation for the starter farmer.
  • The return on investment may take 1 to 2 seasons.
  • High yielding and quality (tomatoes 15kg per 1sqm = 60,000kg per 1 Acre)
  • Full year round cultivation and constant cash flow.
  • Excellent solution for women and youth employment.
  • High water efficiency (90%)
  • Fertilizers can be applied through the irrigation (fertigation).
  • Extremely low use of agrochemicals.
  • Very simple maintenance.
  • The professional back-up support of Velox