Knowledge Center

Velox’s concept of an Educational Farm in the concept of the practical knowledge farming centre is a training tool that developed by Netafim and the Hebrew University from Jerusalem (the unit for external studies), developed for small-scale farmers, especially in the rural Area, utilizing modern technology for better yields and quality products all year round, for better food security & self sustainability: excellent solutions for women and youth employment in the region.

Velox Educational Farm (VEF)

  • The purpose of the VEF is to train local student farmers in the latest agricultural expertise, including the use of the indoor & outdoor cultivation with drip irrigation, aquaculture, poultry, orchard, field crop, etc.
  • At the end of the training, beneficiaries are able to create & manage efficiently their own local farms and to train others.
  • The VEF is managed by the “students” from profits generated by actual production. The VEF works like a regular production farm.
  • The farm will be managed by the Velox & Netafim Partnership, a team of agricultural experts for a period of 1 year, with option for extension.

The VEF will be an agricultural enterprise and training center, comprising 1-2 hectares of land, including a net-house, nursery and open field for the purpose of growing livestock, vegetable crops.
The VEF will grow vegetables in an average of 2 cycles/year.
Crop selection based on local climate conditions, economic interests & local socio-cultural interests.
Target crops will include, for example:


Field Officers & Trainers for the Future

A total of 35 students will be trained per cycle. At the end of the course, each trainee will be capable of functioning both individually and as a member of a team, and will also become skilled in training agricultural activities, such as planning, growing, storing, and distributing agricultural products to domestic markets.
The trainees will also learn how to run agricultural projects as economic and profitable businesses through the use of modern agricultural technologies and management systems; thus increasing both production and quality, while reducing costs.
The Project will be developed in 4 stages:

  • Stage 1: Feasibility Study (2 months).
  • Stage 2: Approval of project design by local Agricultural Ministry (1 mo.).
  • Stage 3: Project establishment (3 months from arrival of equipment).
  • Stage 4: Ongoing training & farming (2-3 month cycles).Management & Instruction:
  • Velox will provide a management staff based at our headquarters in Lagos & an on-site Manager/Agronomist for the 1st year of inspection.
  • Simultaneously, a local management & teaching team will be formed in order to take over the farm’s management.

Example of educational farm layout: